3 Keys for a Successful Video Testimonial Campaign

video testimonials

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Video testimonials are on an ongoing process, it’s really important to have fresh video testimonials running monthly so your product or service is relevant when being compared to your competition.

Here are 3 keys to having a successful on going video testimonial plan.

– 1st is get at least 6 or more video testimonials to set the standard for what you want your other costumers to make. This will give the other people you want to get video testimonials from a bench mark for what you want the videos to look like and this will also give you an immediate bank of video testimonials to drip out over time for social and email campaigns.

2nd is before you launch your campaign promote at least a few weeks before you launch, just like you would any marketing campaign. This is where those previous video testimonials you made will come into play.

– 3rd is do a little incentivizing make sure you have some sort of an unique incentive to get people you aren’t face to face with to make a video testimonial.

With your Magnfi M-Link you can capture as many video testimonials as you want and only pay for the video testimonials you want to have Magnfi create for you.

Hope you found these 3 tips extremely helpful!


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