3 Essential Tips To Make Beautiful Videos With Your Phone

Beautiful Videos

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You have in your pocket an amazing tool for creating quality video content, your smart phone. Every year the quality of the video functionality just gets better and better. All the quality in the world though won’t work with out these 3 essential aesthetics in place while filming your brand videos using Magnfi.

1.) Lighting. If they can’t see you, well, your video is worthless. Make sure you have plenty of light. The easiest way to get plenty of light is face a window with the light falling on your face. Make sure you don’t have more light behind you then on you. You’ll look like you’re in a witness protection program otherwise. If you don’t have access to plenty of light or a nice window, consider getting a small video light to throw a little light your way.

2.) Framing. Make sure your video is framed properly. The biggest mistake I see people make is either too much headroom, where they are really tinny-tiny at the bottom of the screen and they have all this space above their head. Or if they’re doing a selfy video, having the video way too close! No one should be able to tell if you have nose hairs sticking out. You want to keep to the rule of thirds when making a video. Or with a selfy style video (which are very effective) Get yourself a selfy stick this will keep the phone at a good distance and help with stabilization.

3.) Awesome Audio. Not just “good” audio. Awesome Audio. If you’re more than a selfy stick or arms length away from your phone, you need an audio tool. Here are too really good tools to add to your phone I have used.

If you have these 3 aesthetics in place while filming your brand videos using Magnfi, you’ll have amazing videos ready to rock.

Hope you found these quick tips to be helpful! If you can think of someone that might like these video marketing tips, forward them this email.

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