3 Easy Ways to Use Video QUICKLY To Launch a New Business

3 Easy Ways to Use Video QUICKLY To Launch a New Business

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Have you ever heard the saying “Good Things Come in 3’s” and did you know, that the number 3 means ALL and represents the beginning, middle and the end?

Here is something else you might not know, that in the world of media it represents the rule of thirds.

  • 1/3 Promoting your product or services.
  • 1/3 Interacting/engage with customers.
  • And 1/3 Sharing about your industry and giving tips that your followers would benefit from.

If you are launching a new business and you want to move your business or services into someone’s head, then produce your videos in a series of 3’s. It is the most effective and is pleasing to the human brain and in my many years of being in the industry it holds true.

What I also know is that there are 3 major videos you want to create to quickly launch your business.

Video Testimonial

Have your customer share with you why they love your services or products and why.  When people talk it adds value to you and your company.  It’s the social proof that other customers seek.

Brand Videos

Video your products in action.  Show the customer how it works from beginning to end.  If you’re a service provider, video your company in action.  This gives the customer a look inside your business before they even meet you and shows them exactly what you do.

Story Videos

These videos are the 123 energy boosters for your company and are the beginning, middle and end. Ask these 3 questions and watch what happens.

  • Ask your customer what life was like before your service/product.
  • What life was like during the service or how did the product fit into their life.
  • Let your customer tell the story in their own words.

What you are doing here is successfully finding the happy balance for your industry that will deliver the most successful information to your clients and customers.

Whether you are presenting an idea for a video testimonial, a product, or a brand, your video will stick more if you develop them in a series of 3.

Omne trium perfectum. Which means,everything that comes in threes is perfect.

#Ready, Set, Record!

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