2 Key Video Concepts That Will Be Your “Secret Weapon” this Holiday Season!

2 Key Video Concepts That Will Be Your “Secret Weapon” this Holiday Season!

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With more people searching and shopping online this year, this is your grand opportunity to impress your audience with VIDEO!

We all know 2020 has been an “interesting” year to say the very least- but one good thing about it is that more people have become engaged with brands through video. Since many businesses have had to shift to online platforms for operations, video has exploded as the top resource for customers to interact with businesses. In doing this, more people have utilized video to market and communicate their services to their audiences.

Now, here we are standing on the edge of the holiday season and this is a prime time for your brand to maximize your video marketing experience.  There’s particularly two very important video types you should take advantage of this holiday season, because these will boost your credibility and also draw more attention from your target audience.

1. Video Testimonials– Your current customers are your biggest influencing asset- capture that! When browsing online for products, you instantly lose the benefit of having a retail associate to guide you and helping you determine whether or not a particular item is the right thing for you. See what others are saying instead! Post video testimonials from your customers to help build trust with the outside audience. Consumers feel more connected to a certain brand, or product, when they can utilize feedback from other customers. Need help collecting testimonials and reviews? Magnfi has a stellar Video Email feature that makes this simple and easy! Basically, we recommend capturing a customer’s e-mail after each purchase, and then send out an invite to share a review of the product and/or brand experience.- *Bonus Tip: Try sweetening the deal by offering a coupon for their response and boost brand loyalty! Once you’ve gathered some testimonials you can easily add them to the product information page of your website, or even share those clips throughout your social media. Never underestimate the power of Word-of-Mouth! It can really be a powerful ally for any brand!

2. Explainer Videos– From models to demonstrations to instructions, Explainer videos are the GOLD content of video marketing! These videos allow consumers to experience the product in action and really gives them an in-depth look at what you have to offer. Using Explainer videos allows you to highlight features of the product, showcase the scale and quality of the item, and even offer special tips for usage. Similar to what we said about the video testimonials- these types of video rely on that human connection factor. It’s not just about selling a particular product- this is a chance to observe and attract interest. Perhaps the consumer is looking for something a little more user-friendly, or a similar product but in a different size. You have the power here to explain these things to them before they commit to a purchase. Think of Explainer videos as more of a conversation than a sales pitch. Sure, you want them to buy this item from you- but give them a more open explanation about this product. People can always leave comments and other feedback to address things in the video which you can also reply to and further engage with. *Bonus Tip: Explainer Videos should be simple, yet informative. We recommend making your video about 2-3 minutes in length. This gives you plenty of time to highlight features, show demonstrations, and provide commentary for additional details like shipping info, warranty, or other essential information.

Using these video tools will really excite your audience while providing that established trust in a virtual setting. We call these two video resources your “secret weapon” for success, because we as a society are in a new state of mind right now. More consumers are reaching out to video to find the answers for their problems. You can creatively provide that solution and add a little holiday flare to it as well! Give your customers something to jingle about this holiday season!

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