10 Sales Video Emails to Support Your Sales Process

Magnfi Blog Post - 10 Sales Video Emails to Support Your Sales Process

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Video emails improve your sales efforts by increasing email engagement, influencing decisions, and helping support business goals at various stages of your sales cycle. It may be the best, most underutilized tool in your sales toolkit.  If you have any doubts, let put them to rest with these facts:

  • Using video for sales outreach has increased response rates for more than 60% of sales reps.
  • Sales pros report buyers are 50% more responsive when at least one video is included as part of the sales outreach. 
  • 64% of meetings booked resulted from prospects who received a short video first.

Using video throughout your sales process is important. With the right strategy in place, video emails can increase your sales. Here’s how to get started.

Developing a Video Email Sales Strategy

Before you begin creating videos, it’s important to have a solid understanding of who your target audience is. Putting a face to who this audience is, by creating a persona, allows you to consider their pain points and challenges – essentially what would bring them to your business at the very start of their journey.

Between the time a website visitor lands on your website and becomes a paying customer, they go through a process called a buyer’s journey. Knowing that your buyers are at different stages of their buyer’s journeys allows you to modify your messaging strategy, essentially meeting them where their different needs are. 

The stages of your buyer’s journey are: 

  1. Awareness of the problem they’re experiencing
  2. Consideration of the options available to solve their problem
  3. Decision of which business can best provide the best solution

With the buyer’s journey as a framework, your sales team can then define their sales process by outlining all the different touchpoints – from email to phone calls to messages on SMS or social.

Once your sales process is defined, you now have a pretty good idea where you can start adding video to your sales outreach efforts.

10 Sales Video Email Ideas You Can Use Immediately

When it comes to creating a video for sales, there are several different types of sales videos to choose from to create and share. Each one is suited to distinct goals you’re trying to achieve, and some may fit better than others for different points in your sales cycle.

The more precisely you match your sales video prospect’s buyer’s journey stage, the more effective your sales videos will be.

There are 3 types of sales videos:

  1. Prospecting and Lead Nurturing Video Emails
  2. Conversion and Closing Video Emails
  3. Customer Follow-up and Retention Video Emails

Prospecting and Lead Nurturing Email Videos

Using videos in your lead generation and nurturing efforts can help you better engage prospects increasing the likelihood of them becoming customers. These videos are educational and helpful in nature. They address your target persona’s pain points and challenges, without positioning your business as a solution yet. This is mainly to build awareness and trust. 

Consider creating these types of sales video emails:

  • Personalized messages
  • FAQs – the questions sales people get asked the most
  • Product/Service news

Converting and Closing Sales

These video emails are meant to achieve a specified action in line with your sales goal. This is typically done alongside a call-to-action. With sales conversions, you’re looking to turn qualified leads into customers. Now is when you introduce your business or services as a solution to their problem(s). At this point in your lead’s research, they’re creating a list of businesses/services that solve their problem. The more you nurture them, the more you convince them you are their best solution. 

Consider creating these types of sales video emails:

  • Explainers/Walkthroughs 
  • Case studies
  • Product Demos
  • Training

Customer Follow-Up & Retention

Acquiring a new customer can cost 5x more than retaining an existing customer. So once you’ve gained a new customer, use video emails to keep the relationship alive. 

Consider creating these types of sales video emails:

  • Video customer testimonials
  • Check-ins for retention
  • Personalized upsell offers

Your customers can be your biggest brand advocates. Securing a video testimonial will help influence other qualified leads with their decision making process. 

Using video as part of your sales outreach is something businesses can no longer ignore. Videos, by their very nature, can grab people’s attention. They help retain it, too. In the world of sales, your first impression makes or breaks you, which makes video a very important tool for generating leads and conversions.

If you’re ready to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing with video, go to Magnfi.com for all the video sales tools you need to make quick, easy, and effective videos. No video editing required. Just plan your messaging, record your video, and we do the rest. 

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