5-Tools-in-One Video Marketing Tool for Business Growth

Easily create and share videos that support both your marketing and sales outreach efforts. With no editing skills required, we help save you time and money with videos that attract more prospects, nurture leads better, and create more sales.

Play Video

Capture Video Testimonials

Magnfi video testimonial software brings written praise to life.


Send Video

Optimize efficacy of email campaigns with Magnfi’s video email software.


Branded Videos

Establish yourself as an industry leader with Magnfi’s branded video software.


Make Story

Help your customers capture their video case studies & experiences with our story video software.


Create Video

Magnfi’s video messaging software helps you easily add video to your email marketing and social media campaigns.   

You may be wondering "How Does Magnfi compare to other video platforms?"

In our comparison guide we compare pricing, video tools, and package features so you don’t have to. Take a look and see why Magnfi’s 5-tools-in-1 is an unbeatable solution that fits every business need.

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Magnfi's Heartfelt Pledge

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Our Passion

You're more than a user – you're an individual with dreams and visions. We're dedicated to empowering your unique story through video, forging deep connections, and supporting your success.

Hand-in-Hand Video
Marketing Growth

Join our Free Video Marketing Ninjas community, where we'll nurture your growth and help you unlock the power of video to achieve remarkable results and help grow your business.

Simplicity, Your
Trusted Companion

We understand the value of simplicity. Magnfi is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, letting you create impactful videos with ease. Trust us to refine our platform for your video marketing journey.

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Video Marketing can be tough. Only if you go at it alone without a guide.

Magnfi+ members get access to our exclusive free community where video marketing expert and founder of Magnfi shares in-depth knowledge you will not find on social media. Gain insider, next-level video expertise to grow your business. It’s time to leverage video because video never sleeps.

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