Video Testimonials

Made Easy

Magnfi is a Premium Service that makes it easy to 

Capture & Create Video Testimonials from your happy customers! 

No Video Production Company Needed! 

Get High-Quality + Professional + Fully Produced Original Videos Ready to share. 

Complete with your Logo, Music, Call-To-Action! 

Only pay for the videos you want.


Creating Your Magnfi Account Is Free!

Try Before You Buy!


See the Difference!

Before Magnfi

Plain, talking head, no branding, no music, not professional.

After Magnfi

Professional + Produced, Music, Stylized Sides for Portrait mode,

Call To Action, Branded!

Start Getting Professional Video Testimonials Ready To Share Today!

Additional Perk!  


Create Your Own + Original + Unique Branded Video Content!



Quickly + Cost effectively create up to 90 second original Branded Video content.


Be Positioned as an EXPERT in your field.


Professional + Branded video content in minutes.



Identify & Request

Identify the person who will be providing you with a video testimonial and send them a request through your Magnfi account.


Record & Submit

Your client simply clicks on the email link & records their testimonial, using their Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer. They click submit. They're Done!


Magnfi Makes Magic

Magnfi automatically adds your logo, music & a call-to-action at the end. You have a fully produced video testimonial ready to share!

Simple ways to start using your video testimonials

Right Away!

Social Media Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Ecommerce for Specific Products

Embed on your Website or Lead Page

Show Me!

Here are a few real-world  Magnfi created > Video Testimonials < that our clients recently received!

Here are a few real-world Magnfi created > Branded Videos < that our clients recently created! 

All created WITHOUT a Video Production company!!!